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Good Dog Syndrome and How to Unleash Your Success E-mail
Written by Tiffany   
Friday, 22 May 2009 00:44

I tell my dog that he's a good boy about a million times a day. I think it makes him happier. But like my dog, whom I'm convinced is just a person in a fur suit, when real people still require that level of constant approval, they too might as well be domesticated house pets stuck on a short leash. The need for positive feedback, what I call "Good Dog Syndrome", can drastically hold us back from ever making any real progress.

How To Be A Genius (Hint: Stop Listening to Bloggers and Your Parents) E-mail
Written by Tiffany Ford   
Friday, 02 January 2009 16:47

No matter your age, if you are truly part of Generation Breakthrough, you want to do something great with your life. We were not put on this earth to be average. We were put here to find our genius, and use it for good. After all, we are a generation raised to believe that we are each gifted. And we are. Anyone can be gifted if they try hard enough. So let’s try already.

But how do we try? How can we be great?

There is one simple answer: Stop listening to other people.

Is It Ethical To Make Millions Off Poverty? [Blog Action Day] E-mail
Written by Mike Fogel   
Tuesday, 14 October 2008 10:01

Profiting off poverty? Can you sip Pina Colada's in Cabo while also building Community Centers in Calcutta?

Could such a thing ever be ethical, or more importantly beneficial for society at large? That's exactly what many of us in Generation Breakthrough are poised to prove in our lives.

What The Economic Crisis Means to Gen Y (Are you a grasshopper or an ant?) E-mail
Written by Tiffany Ford   
Friday, 03 October 2008 10:58

“Are we too young to remember The Great Depression?”

Catherine Rampell asked this very intriguing question in the title of her NewYorkTimes.com article yesterday. Although her article didn’t say much, her poignant question sparked some great comments from others.

One commenter noted the VERY OLD Aesop’s Fable about “The Grasshopper And The Ants”, made into a Disney cartoon in 1934, and how it relates to the current economic crisis. I vaguely recalled watching this cartoon as a kid and found it on youtube to watch it again. The ants work hard all year to scrimp and save for the winter, while the grasshopper plays his fiddle all summer. Inevitably, come winter, the grasshopper is freezing and starving, and must knock on the ants’ door for help.

The Tragic Flaw of the Passionate Entrepreneur E-mail
Written by Tiffany Ford   
Tuesday, 30 September 2008 19:33

Grrrrr. Having trouble creating a smooth career or business based on your passion? Me too! Maybe we’re misunderstanding how to use our passion most effectively.

Passion is an essential part of young peoples’ lives today. Although we preach about using your passion in an entrepreneurial way, Generation Breakthrough is about much more. It may work for many in our generation to use their passion in business, or even start small businesses based on your passion. However, just as we recognize that climbing the ladder isn't the best or only pathway to success, we must also realize the ironic concept that entrepreneurially pursuing your passion may not be the best way to pursue it!

Got a Problem? Ask "Dear Breakthrough" E-mail

We're about to begin a running series of blogs called "Dear Breakthrough" that will work like "Dear Abby" and we're looking for submissions from you! You can ask "Dear Breakthrough" for advice about anything you are struggling with in your career. Want to quit your job? Want to be promoted? Are you having trouble after starting your own business? We want to help, and your question will help out other young people in similar situations.

Submit your question here, and we’ll post it in our blog with our advice so other’s can comment and offer even more insight. 

What the heck is a 'Y' E-mail
Written by Tiffany Ford   
Wednesday, 27 August 2008 15:59

Yet another article came out today that generalizes all Gen Y-ers in an attempt to help others understand us. Perhaps we need a constant influx of such articles to be published, because no one knows what the term 'Y' means! If you ask me, or any other Gen Y-er, we don't know the answer either. So let's ditch the lame title, and create a better one.

What would "Mad Money" Jim Cramer and Bob Dylan tell Generation Breakthrough? E-mail
Written by Mike Fogel   
Monday, 25 August 2008 16:30
You wouldn't think that Jim Cramer's long-term investment advice and a famously spiteful song by Bob Dylan both have a subtext that encourages Generation Breakthrough to embrace our entrepreneurial spirit. Read how... You ain't got nothing to lose!
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